The AV Lab has a fleet of autonomous vehicles, consisting of two passenger vehicles for last-mile transportation and a retrofitted Nissan Leaf. These vehicles are equipped with LiDAR sensors and multiple cameras, allowing for advanced sensing and perception capabilities. We are excited to collaborate with researchers in this field and welcome any inquiries about research partnerships. Please feel free to reach out to us to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Last Mile Passenger Mobility & Data Collection

  • Driverless and electric shuttle
  • Can carry up to 12 people
  • Two Platforms:
    • Platform 1 based on EasyMile Gen 2: dedicated for passenger transportation and continious data collection
    • Platform 2 based on EasyMile Gen 1: Testing KU autnomous driving technologies

Vehicle route is shown in the figure below.

Nissan Leaf Platform

Our customized Nissan Leaf platform is a retrofitted electric vehicle with perception sensors and KU drive-by-wire technology. The vehicle is used for data collection and testing autonomous driving in urban environments.

SAN Campus Digial Twin

Digital twin of Khalifa University’s SAN Campus with texture extracted from real photos.